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Education Research Reports: 1999
In keeping with our mission as a land grant university, Michigan State University's College of Education is pleased to introduce the Research Report Series. These reports disseminate, in summary form, some of the research that is being conducted by faculty in the College. The reports highlight the practice and policy implication of the research and provided references and internet links to the unabridged research.
December 5, 1999

Motor Skills Performance of Children Who Are Deaf
Gail Dummer and John Haubenstricker

Primary Grade Students' Knowledge and Thinking About Native American
Jere Brophy and Janet Alleman

November 11, 1999

Classroom Management in a Social Studies Learning Community
Jere Brophy and Janet Alleman

Confidence in One's Coaching

Deborah Feltz, Melissa Chase, Sandra Moritz, and Philip Sullivan

Elementary Students Learn About Native Americans: The Development of Knowledge and Empathy
Jere Brophy

October 15, 1999
Using cases to Integrate Assessment & Instruction
Perry Lanier

Using Legal Cases in the Social Studies Classroom
Timothy Little

Current Trends and Practices in Social Studies Assessment for the Early Grades
Janet Alleman and Jere Brophy
September 17, 1999
The Chronic Failure of Curriculum Reform
David Labaree

Failure Syndrome Students
Jere Brophy

Teacher Types, Workplace Controls and the Organization of Schools
Ken Frank, Charles E. Bidwell and Parmela A. Quiroz
May 23, 1999
Scientific Apprenticeship and the Role of Public Schools
Gail Richman

Every Child A Reader
P. David Pearson

Teachers as Teacher Educators
Sharon Feiman-Nemser
April 5, 1999
Exercise and the Heat
David Wilsner

Experience-Based Leadership Training: Reflections of African-American School Leaders
Maenette K. P. Benham and Edward Shepard

New Teachers Learn the Language of Possibility
Cheryl L. Rosaen and Pamela Schram
March 5, 1999
Language Arts Standards in Action
Nell K. Duke and Bonnie B. Stewart

A Physical Education Curriculum for All Preschool Students
Gail M. Dummer, Fiona J. Connor-Kuntz and Jacqueline D. Goodway

Expanding the Equation: Learning Mathematics Through Teaching in New Ways
Helen Featherstone, Stephen P. Smith, Kathrene Beasley and Deborah Corbin
February 2, 1999
Kindergarten Children Developing Knowledge of Information Book Language
Nell Duke and Jane Kays

Non-Narrative as a catalyst for Literacy Development
Nell Duke and Linda Caswell

Inside Reading Rainbow: A Spectrum of Strategies for Promoting Literacy
Nell Duke and Julie Wood
January 5, 1999
Gender Differences on Selected Motor Tasks for Children and Youth
John Haubenstricker, David Wilsner, Vern Seefeldt and Crystal Branta

Emphasizing Arts Education
Stephen Kaagan

Bridging Theory and Practice: "Teaching Cases" in Educational Leadership Preparation
Maenette K. P. Benham

Youth Sports
Dr. Dern S. Seefeldt

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