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Course Syllabi

You may examine recent syllabi for courses required of educational policy students as well as for courses often elected by students in the program. Remember that courses and syllabi change. You may also wish to examine the MSU Schedule of Courses to see when classes are intended to be available.

Required Core Courses:


Proseminar in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education I, Sedlak and Youngs


Economic Analysis in Educational Policy Making, Chudgar


Politics of Education, Plank


Policy and Practice in Education, Mangin

ED928 Proseminar in Educational Policy
ED976 Capstone in Educational Policy Analysis and Evaluation

Required inquiry and research methods courses:


Educational Inquiry, Chudgar and Weiland
CEP932 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research I, Konstantopoulos
CEP932 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research I, Chudgar

Quantitative Methods in Educational Research II, Frank
EAD/TE995 Research Practicum

Common Elective Courses:

TE919 Policy Analysis in Education, Delany

Social Analysis of Educational Policy, Sykes


Comparative Perspectives on Teaching, Curriculum, and Teacher Education, Paine

Policy Perspectives on Teaching and Teacher Education, Kennedy

EAD940 Organizational Analysis of Education
EAD813 Education, Development, and Social Change, Chudgar
EAD951A Educational Finance, Arsen
CEP826 Evaluation of Educational Programs and Policies, Tatto
Advanced Topics in Multivariate Analysis, Thum
Advanced Topics in Multivariate Analysis, Raykov
TE982 Teacher Labor Markets and Quality, Guarino
TE982 School Choice and Privatization, Guarino and Jacobsen
TE982 Policy Issues in Teacher Education, Floden