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Program Requirements


Students must complete the following courses:
1. Education Policy Core. All of the following courses:
TE901 Proseminar in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education 3
EAD942 Economic Analysis in Educational Policy Making 3
EAD943 Politics of Education 3
EAD925 Policy and Practice in Education 3
ED928 Proseminar in Educational Policy 1
2. Educational inquiry and research. The following courses:
CEP930 Educational Inquiry 3
CEP932 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research I 3
CEP933 Quantitative Methods in Educational Research II 3
EAD/TE995 Research Practicum 1 to 3
3. Concentration in educational policy.

Six additional courses designed to advance the concentration in policy studies and to achieve competence in an approved policy discipline (i.e., political science, economics, sociology, comparative studies, evaluation). The student's guidance committee must approve the area of concentration in policy.


4. Capstone in Educational Policy.  
ED976 Capstone in Educational Policy Analysis and Evaluation



Comprehensive Examination


All students must complete 24 dissertation credits: i.e., EAD999 or TE999.

Syllabi for policy courses can be viewed here.