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Kintz, Tara

I am grateful for the opportunity to study with the exceptional faculty and students at Michigan State University. Upon graduating from college, I implemented service learning programs in the schools of Oakland, California through an Americorps assignment. Following this interest, I obtained my teaching credential with a certification in Special Education, and taught a bilingual Special Day Class for two years. I then had the privilege of working with a team of educators to open a charter school through the East Bay Conservation Corps. Throughout my time at the school, we worked on civic education research, service learning, and the development of curriculum guides for education reform. Four years later, I completed my Waldorf teaching certification and took a position at the East Bay Waldorf School. I taught my class from first grade through fourth grade and worked on school governance, colleague mentorship, and professional development during my time at the school. I also had the opportunity to teach hearing impaired students in Oaxaca, Mexico. My experience in a variety of educational settings galvanized my commitment to learn about educational policies that bring good pedagogy to scale. My research interests include creativity, student engagement, the impact of assessment and curriculum on teaching and learning, equity, politics and international studies in education. It is an honor to be part of the learning community at MSU and to benefit from the support, wisdom, and expertise in the department of Educational Policy.