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Kim, Jihyun

Jihyun Kim received her bachelor's degree in elementary education and masters degree in elementary school administration from Seoul National University of Education in Korea.

While starting the pursuit of a masters degree in Seoul National University of Education, she started her new life as a teacher. She taught 5th and 6th grade students as a homeroom teacher for 3 and a half years. Experience at a real school gave her second thoughts about education. She observed many situations that could been enhanced with proper policy implement and evaluation. These experiences in the classroom helped to create a desire to pursue the positive impacts that policy changes could have on student learning.

At her school, she volunteered to be the editor in chief for the Gadong Elementary School Newspaper in hope of setting more effective communication channel among staffs, parents and students. At the same time, she was involved in studies related to the standardized tests based on district and the culture of teachers in a school.

Her research interests include the evaluation of educational policy effectiveness, especially, in terms of teacher effectiveness and students' performance. She wants to be the influential voice that would contribute in reforming educational policies according to accurate evaluation in the future.