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Davis, Charlae

Charlae Davis knew she wanted her career to focus on community organizing within communities of color after receiving her BA in Sociology and Masters of in Social Work from the University of Michigan. Following graduation, Charlae worked as a college counselor, teacher and lecturer. She later founded an African American mentorship program called "Youth With Purpose". Charlae began to realize that non-academic considerations needed to be addressed before the mentorship program could academically support their youth. It was clear that a holistic approach to supporting youth, their families and their community was necessary.

Charlae believes there continues to be some ambiguity between Policy and Practice and she sees endless possibilities and opportunities when community voices are heard within policy efforts and reform. As a University Distinguished Fellows Recipient, Charlae is interested in designing and working toward the implementation of effective and culturally sensitive policy. Charlae believes that if policy is combined with community organizing as well as holistic supplemental programs, young people in urban areas will benefit dramatically. Charlae has had the privilege of working as a research assistant with the Future Teachers for Social Justice Program and as a TE 250 graduate instructor for the course: Human Diversity, Power, and Opportunity in Social Institutions. She is embarking on a new project with her mentorship program where she is examining the impact of intensive and culturally sensitive computer assisted intervention strategies and curricular content for high school mathematics courses.

Charlae's dissertation will focus on identity, community and urban youth.