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Boggs, Brian

As an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan – Flint, Brian earned his bachelor’s degree in 2008 with a double major in English and History. Following his graduation, Brian taught high school English, college prep writing, and American literature, while pursuing his master’s. In 2010, Brian graduated with his master’s in English Language and Literature with a double concentration in Modernism as well as composition and rhetoric from the University of Michigan –Flint.

Brian is currently in his third year and working on a dual Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Administration at Michigan State University, and works for the Office of K–12 Outreach in school improvement. Beyond writing, rhetoric, and literature, Brian’s research interests include organizational theory, policy making, sociology of education, experimental design, and the history and politics of U.S. education. Brian has served as an elected official since 2003 on the Durand City Council, and has served on several local, county, and state boards.