Do plants like music?




Field Trips

Research Question: Will a plant grow better if it "listens" to music?

Hypothesis: If a plant "listens" to music, then its growth will not be affected.


one package of cress seeds
two identical plant pots
4 cups potting soil
100ml water
a sunny place
a quiet room
a radio


  1. Fill each pot with 3/4 cup of soil
  2. Sprinkle each pot with 1 Tbs seeds
  3. Cover the seeds with 1/4 cup soil
  4. Water each pot with 50 ml water
  5. Place pots next to each other in a sunny place
  6. Label one plant A and the other B
  7. Water each plant with 50 ml water every other day
  8. Place plant A in the quiet room for one hour each day
  9. Remove plant A and replace it with plant B in the quiet room
  10. Leave plant B in thhe room with the radio on for one hour each day
  11. Repeat steps 7 - 10 for ten days, taking a picture of the plants each day

Results: Click here to see the growth of the plants